5 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Bedroom Interiors

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It’s no secret that the internet is filled with amazing interior decor ideas that you can take inspiration from. However, many people still make mistakes that create an off-putting ambience within their homes. 

As fun as interior designing can be, it is not an easy task. Interior designers strive day and night to chalk out designs that have depth and feel intentional with a ton of creative elements and yet not feel cluttered. It is also important to have a carefree approach to interior design. 

In this post, we will discuss five common mistakes that people make while designing their bedrooms. These points will help you see your home in a new light and make it beautiful.

Buying Bedroom Furniture Sets

Of course, it is easy to visit popular furniture stores nearby and get a beautiful looking bedroom furniture set. No matter how exquisite it feels in the store, it might not deliver the same level of charm you might expect. Also, the lack of variety will cause you to end up with a bland environment for your bedroom. 

Getting Carried Away With Tufting

Tufted furniture pieces are great and timeless. Who wouldn’t want an original piece of chesterfield style sofa or bed? It screams class and elegance. However, overdoing tufted furniture might create a monotonous environment. Check out Sonno to browse some of the best looking tufted pieces of bedroom furniture for your bedroom. 

Popping Colour Walls 

Another unappealing bedroom design feature is painting single bedroom walls with random accent colours. Though many people prefer this style, they tend to quickly get bored of it because of the dissociation it creates with the rest of the home. So if you prefer popping colours, do not stop at the wall. Throw in some matching items and decor accents to complement the theme you originally intended to create. 

Opting For Awkward Looking Headboards 

It’s common sense that a standard ceiling doesn’t require skyscraper-like headboards. Many people like headboards so much that they go overboard with them. You can fill and decorate your wall with so many other things. You can put up exquisite art pieces, create a gallery wall, install floating shelves or mirrors, and so on. However, if you’re a headboard person, try to go for something neither too tall nor too short. 

Using Muddled Patterns 

Including patterns in an interior space can be a great idea. However, it’s also really easy to mess up a room’s design when introducing patterns. You need to have an eye for it, or else you might fail to develop coherent interiors. Before purchasing pattern-based material for your bedroom, be sure to research and find out what would work for your space. You can take inspiration from several online resources, such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

Let’s look at an example. If you’re into floral patterns, start with a large print and work your way down to intricate patterns with other items in your bedroom. Also, when you work with patterns, ensure that you stay within a pre-decided colour palette.  

To Summarise

In today’s day and age, a room that looks like you just got it from a store catalogue is not ideal. You can choose items that match your personality and your interior design style. When buying your bedroom furniture, mix and match your pieces and play with different elements like wood, metal, and maybe even marble. Also, try mixing colours and prints with the right furniture sizes and voila! You’ll end up with an amazing bedroom design. 

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