6 interior designer on their favorite bathroom remodels |

It’s potentially the trickiest question you ask an interior designer – what’s the best project you’ve worked on? But selfishly it’s how you get the best of the best design inspiration. So we naturally had to ask some of our favorites for their most memorable bathroom remodels. And their answers of course did not disappoint. 

Bathrooms are some of the most glorious spaces to redesign, the colors, the textures, the materials, can be so exciting and luxurious, it’s so amazing what’s available right now and what designers are doing with these once pretty blah spaces. Despite being one of the, if not the, most practical rooms in the home, they can also be the most beautiful, as all these designer bathroom remodels prove. 

1. Thomas Griem, founder of TG Studio

Dark bathroom with large mirror

(Image credit: Philip Vile)

‘This house is in the mountains where bright snow dominates in winter, so we created a dark, layered mood to contrast,’ says architect Thomas Griem, founder, TG Studio, who worked with architectural assistant Marco Siviglia on the project. ‘The secret to pulling off a monochromatic look is to add shapes and textures: here, the rectangular vanity unit combines with curves in the mirrors. The vanity’s smooth stained oak frame contrasts with the textured granite top and plaster walls.’

2. Charlotte and Angus Buchanan, founders of Buchanan Studio

Marble bathroom with double curved mirror

(Image credit: Alexander James)

‘This is our primary bathroom at home in London featuring two internal “cabins”: one houses a walk-in shower, the other a loo. We wanted to reinvent the Edwardian elegance of the room, restoring the floorboards and elevating the fireplace with marble.’ explains Charlotte and Angus Buchanan, founders of Buchanan Studio

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