How Much Does A Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Cost?

Choosing to add a jacuzzi to your bathroom might be an easy choice if you’re a bath-lover, however, that’s just the first step. Next, you’ll need to figure out what you want and can afford. If you’re into DIY projects, then you can actually convert your existing tub into a jacuzzi, according to The Bathtubber‘s Shana Burg. While noting that the alteration can either involve affordable changes or pricey adjustments, Burg explains that you can block the overflow drain which will give you a deeper soak, or add LED lights to enhance the aesthetic. You can also install jets that are either temporary or permanent.

On the other hand, you might want to get a new bathtub. In that case, you’ll still have a few choices to make. Due to the fact that there are different brands offering jacuzzi-like baths that are made of various materials and include a range of features, the price of tubs varies. For instance, an acrylic drop-in jetted whirlpool bathtub will be around $499 at Lowe’s. The same sort of Primo bathtub that’s made by the Jacuzzi brand is $1,529 while the Jacuzzi Fuzion is $8,789, but has enough room for two people. Over at Home Depot, the Jacuzzi Projecta is just over $1,339 while the Jacuzzi Sia Pure Air is slightly less than $5,554. However, before you purchase a tub, you’ll need to keep in mind a few other important financial factors.

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