Is There A Best Time Of Year To Start A Bathroom Remodel?

Redoing your bathroom during the winter can help you get better prices from contractors. This is because contractors tend to have less work during the colder months. One of these reasons is that homeowners willrenovate their homes in early spring to sell them during peak real estate season in June. Since fewer people are looking to sell their homes in the winter, the demand for renovation goes down, and so does the work for contractors.

There are also some home improvement jobs that just can’t be done during the winter. This can be because the weather and low temperatures are too dangerous for contractors to work in or homeowners just don’t want their house to be exposed to drafts when pieces of their house are removed or workers are coming in and out of the house. Warmer weather and more hours of light make contractors more likely to take on jobs during this time.

Since there is less work for contractors during these months, you won’t be paying higher prices for in-demand workers. It will also be a lot easier to find companies to do the work when you want it done, rather than when they are available since their schedules will likely be more flexible in this slower season.

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