Mistakes To Avoid When Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Using certain cleaning products on cabinets can be a tempting solution when you want to avoid excessive scrubbing to remove stains and grime. However, products that are too abrasive can seriously damage your cabinets, especially if they are painted. Products such as scouring pads, steel wool, and other tools can leave scratches on your paint or even deteriorate layers of varnish and top coat. Using common products like The Pink Stuff and Magic Erasers¬†can cut back on scrubbing, but they also have the potential to damage layers of paint or strip away varnish after prolonged use. Opt for a microfiber cloth, dish soap, and warm water to tackle tough stains, or limit the use of abrasive cleaners to only every once in a while, being extra careful not to use too much pressure. You’d be surprised by how quickly a strong product can wear down layers of paint.

When shopping for products, remember there are different types of abrasive cleaners that are often hailed as powerful scrubbers: dry powders, liquid cleaners, scrubbing tools, and disinfectants. Powders and pastes often contain minerals such as calcite, feldspar, quartz, and silica, whereas tools usually have coarse materials that require lots of friction and scrubbing action. Liquid cleaners are similar to powders, but the intensity of the minerals is toned down. Although the liquids are often gentler, they can still be harsh on certain surfaces. These products vary; however, they essentially all have small rough particles that are great for lifting stains and breaking down grime, but can wreak havoc on smooth, soft surfaces.

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