Park and Rec bathroom remodel approved

City Commissioners voted unanimously award contract to renovate the restrooms at the Park and Recreation offices during their Oct. 3 meeting.

Commissioners approved the staff recommendation to award contracts to Wadsworth Builders, Hazardous Technologies, and TD&H.

The project was identified as a priority project by commissioners in April 2022 for the city’s American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Commissioners awarded a professional services agreement to LPW Architects in March 2023 for project design.

LPW completed the design and solicited construction quotes, according to city staff.

City approves ARPA agreements for infrastructure projects

Wadsworth Builders was the only contractor to provide a quote, which was $47,940.

The project also requires some asbestos mitigation, so the project team contacted Hazardous Technologies for a quote, which was $5,732.

City using ARPA funds for broadband expansion, cattery

The project team also got a quote from TD&H for air testing and associated reporting, which is recommended when doing abatement in an occupied building. TD&H’s quote was $850.

The total for the three contracts is $54,522, plus the $10,000 design costs, bringing the project total to $64,522. It was budgeted at $75,000, according to city staff.

City receives $8.4 million in state ARPA funds

The project includes includes the construction, abatement, and air clearance testing necessary to complete the renovation of the restroom in the Park and Rec office and bring it into ADA compliance.

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