Should your kitchen cabinet color match your kitchen walls? Interior designers weigh in |

When designing a new kitchen, what’s the most important element? Of course, the style of cabinet you go for has a big impact, and the layout needs to be spot-on, but really it’s the kitchen color that makes all the difference. It’s what you notice first, it’s what your guests notice first, so it’s really vital to get your scheme spot on.

Now, there’s the obvious question of what kitchen cabinet colors are you going to go for, which seems to rule in the decision-making process, but you really need to decide on your wall color too – at the same time. Do you want your wall color to match the cabinets or not? As with any interior design decision, there’s no clear right or wrong answer, however, there are plenty of things to consider when choosing these two colors, no matter which option you are drawn to. So we asked designers to weigh in, what’s the best approach to this kitchen color conundrum? Should they match or should they not?

When should you match your kitchen cabinet color and your walls?

Green kitchen with marble splashback

(Image credit: deVOL)

As we have mentioned, there’s not really any right or wrong decision here, but there are spaces where matching your kitchen cabinets and kitchen wall color will work better than in others. And there are some loose rules to where it’s best to take this matchy-matchy approach. 

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