The Kitchen Cabinet Color That Is Hurting Your Resale Value

When updating your home for resale, choosing what will appeal to the most buyers is best. “Even if you have an old kitchen and give it a refresh with white paint and updated hardware, you can totally change how buyers feel about the house,” Jennifer Leahy adds. “The cost of painting a kitchen is far less than the hit the seller will face if the kitchen keeps turning off buyers.”

Of course, you do have to consider just how long you’ll be staying in your home. White cabinets tend to show soiling and scuffs more readily than darker colors, especially in busy kitchens. You probably don’t want to paint them now and then find redoing them is in order in six months to a year when you’re actually ready to sell. Chances are if you were attracted to blue in the first place, the bland look of all white probably won’t suit you for any length of time anyways.

If you’re planning on staying in your home for years, you can definitely consider going with blue kitchen cabinets. After all, you’re the one living with them now, and you can always update to what buyers are demanding down the road. It wasn’t so long ago that dark wood cabinets were on every kitchen want list, so it’s a given that trends come and go.

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