This Durable, Scratch-Resistant Toilet Seat May Be Perfect For Your Bathroom

How many seats have you chipped from everyday use and cleanings? Too many. That’s why we recommend duroplast seats. This scratch-resistant alternative stands firm against harsh chemicals and provides longevity to its users. According to Reico, the molecules of duroplast are highly germ-inhibiting, therefore, making them great for hygiene and a longer lifespans. Once the toilet seat is molded, it’s nearly impossible to crack.

The non-porous surface makes for easy cleaning and comfort. The molecules interact with body heat, so say adios to cold porcelain that stays cold. Expect a warmer toilet seat in seconds. For those worried about the horrors of their toilet sticking out like a sore thumb, don’t fret. The seat comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hamberger Sanitary is one among many crafters that offer classically round, D-shaped, beige, blue, or whatever funky color your heart desires, all without impacting your comfort or your toilet’s lifespan.

Investing in your toilet may seem silly, but this option is more affordable than alternatives. Because of the weight wood and stainless steel carry, they are more expensive. These makeups are a lot more susceptible to warping with humidity or harsh cleaning agents, as well. Wood options are also more likely to rack up costs when it comes to adjusting hinges. Though duroplast is more expensive than traditional plastic, know thst you’re paying for peace of mind– and preventing the toilet seat from shifting sideways. 

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