What To Know Before Buying A New Shower For Your Bathroom

When buying a shower, think about who will be using it. If you have young children, a bathtub shower combo might be ideal. Also, accessibility is paramount, especially if you or a family member have limited mobility. Accessible showers embody thoughtful design to accommodate people of varying mobility levels. A key feature is the low threshold, often known as level access, which ensures ease of entry for everyone, including individuals using walkers or wheelchairs. These showers don’t conform to a single standard; they are available in numerous sizes and configurations, allowing you to customize the fit and function according to the unique needs of your household. This customization can be particularly advantageous when retrofitting an existing bathroom to make it more accessible.

On the stricter end of the spectrum are ADA-compliant showers, which align with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Such showers must have a barrier-free threshold no more than ½ inch high, a non-negotiable feature for wheelchair access. They also come equipped with seats, grab bars in specific locations, and handheld shower heads adjustable from the floor up to 59 inches, ensuring they can be used comfortably in a seated position. Additionally, for a shower to be ADA-compliant, you must be able to use any faucets and controls with one hand without exerting too much strength. The shower’s dimensions must also allow a wheelchair to turn freely.

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